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anbu, anime, awesomer corner ACTIVATE, bishonen, bishonen ink, books, card captor sakura, celes is a man, chobits, clamp, cookies, cosplay, costuming, daft punk, dancing, ddr, dragon*con, dungeons and dragons, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, enemies, faerun, fashion design, fatal frame, fatal frame 2, final fantasy vi, final fantasy xii, frank sinatra, gaara, geisha, ghost stories, ghosts, goddamnit do not want, good omens, grammar, happy berry designs, hellsing, hold mah pocket, house, hyuuga, idol singers, indemnity, ingrid michaelson, intelligent design, j-pop, j-rock, jacon, kakairu, kakashi, kareoke, kawaii, kissing, latin, lord of the rings, maroon 5, mirrors, money, musicals, naruhina, naruto, neil gaiman, neji, newtype, ninja, obsessive fangirling, orange anime, panic at the disco, paradise kiss, parakiss, people watching, perfect blue, places with funny names, poking, pussycat dolls, ragnarok, ragnarok online, red ninja, religious discussion, ren faire, rokugan, rpgs, samurai, sandman, sci-fi, shiina ringo, sleeping, sounan, space channel 5, star wars, steampunk, story telling, swing, the beatles, the rat pack, tokyo jihen, toys, travel, video games, yukipon
i'm in gryffindor!

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